What is Windows Defender software? Advantages of using Windows operating system

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1. What is Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is antivirus software released by Microsoft. Developed by Microsoft with features no less than other antivirus software.

Like other antivirus software, Windows Defender runs in the background and scans files when downloaded. When detecting malware, Windows Defender will notify you and automatically clean and isolate the file automatically.

In particular, when Windows Defender works, it will notify detailed information about the last scan by opening the Action Center on Windows.

With other software you need to update yourself, however, Windows Defender will update itself through Windows Update.


Windows Defender software

Windows Defender software


2. Virus scanning modes on Windows Defender

Windows Defender software supports 4 types of scans:


Windows Defender supports 4 types of scans:

Windows Defender supports 4 types of scans:


– Quick Scan: Scans folders in your system where threats are usually found, such as the Downloads and Windows folders. This usually only takes a few minutes to complete.

– Full scan: Check all running files and programs. Full scan process will take a lot of time. Therefore, you should take some time to Full scan.

– Custom scan (optional scan): This scan mode will save you more time. Because only scans an optional file or drive.

– Windows Defender Offline scan: This is the mode when you want the software to continue scanning even after shutting down the operating system. This is the mode that saves you the most time.


3. Some features of Windows Defender

– Device performance & health: This is a feature that helps you to know the battery status, apparatus, and usability of the device.

– Firewall & network protection: Helps your computer avoid being infiltrated by malicious software from web browsers.

– App & browser control: This feature will help you to set up SmartScreen for apps and folders. In addition, when there is an intrusion of malicious software to your computer, you will be alerted.

– Real-time protection: This feature allows to monitor and protect files and programs when the system boots.

– Integration with Internet Explorer: Integration with Internet Explorer allows file scanning after downloading to prevent malicious files.

– Software Explorer: Help avoid potential threats with Software Explorer.

– Windows Vista designated function: Windows Defender will automatically block all background applications that need administrative rights.

– You can enable or disable Windows Defender in Windows when not in use.

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