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Norton Internet Security is anti-virus software that helps users detect and remove viruses as well as other types of malicious software outside the internet that can infiltrate your computer system, and manage and secure important data. important when you access public internet sites.

Norton Internet Security is a multi-featured anti-virus software in a compact package. It protects your system against viruses, rootkits, phishing, trojans, spam, spyware, keyloggers, malicious links or malicious files. With modern scanning technology Norton Insight and fast speed, this software will detect malicious elements almost immediately and at the same time block their intrusion into the system.

While surfing the web, dangerous elements are in latent form, so a built-in Firewall tool like Norton Internet Security will automatically detect and remove them. In addition, it also helps users recover systems damaged by viruses that cause serious damage.

Norton Internet Security includes a password manager and tools to protect your identity and login information as you surf the web. It is a safe place to store your addresses, usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses and more, so you can avoid being tracked by keyloggers.

Norton Internet Security is an anti-virus software that comprehensively supports your computer against viruses and malware, manages network traffic, and keeps online data safe while surfing the web and online information set on the computer.


Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security



Norton Internet Security main features:


– Firewall to prevent dangerous computer:

Norton Internet Security is a comprehensive security solution that helps users prevent and easily remove viruses and malicious code from the system. This utility will detect and remove threats before they reach your computer from dangerous and phishing websites, social networks, suspicious downloads… Anti-virus integrates advanced anti-virus features, can detect dangerous viruses and never-before-seen ones, to help ensure absolute security for your system.

Avira Internet Security Suite is also the recommended security and antivirus tool for computer users to help protect the system from attack by various viruses and malware. In addition, Avira Internet Security Suite also allows to encrypt files to prevent virus attacks.


– Support to protect computer access rights:

Norton Internet Security integrates SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) technology to help users protect control and use rights.


– Features of controlling computer usage:

This is also another effective support for parents to manage their children using the Internet safely and effectively. Users are allowed to set restrictions on the websites their children visit in terms of time, content and number of websites. The antivirus will also log the websites your kids visit, so you control what they do online. At the same time, it also controls the use of downloaded applications by others for the purpose of disabling this software.


– Protect personal accounts:

Norton Internet Security integrates a modern encryption algorithm to help you protect your online accounts such as login passwords for emails, forums, bank accounts, etc., to avoid theft from hackers and spies.


– Filter adware:

This utility integrates intelligent filtering technology to help users prevent annoying adware while surfing the web and spam mail in applications.


– Customize protection level:

Allows you to adjust the protection level according to where you are using your computer in different environments such as home, office, local coffee shop, on the road… because of spyware There are different ways of entering through vulnerabilities on the system when you access computers in different environments.


– Powerful scanning feature:

This software offers a lot of scanning options. You can schedule scans, block files, restrict scanning while certain applications are running, support bandwidth monitoring. Bandwidth monitor can detect connections to 3G or 4G networks and limit unnecessary updates.


– Personal account support for security and program use:

Norton Internet Security anti-virus software provides a personal account for users to use and secure on the system. This helps prevent bad actors from taking advantage of your loopholes to disable this application’s protection.

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