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Some useful MySQL query commands

This article lists some MySQL commands that may be helpful for you. I. MySQL commands 1. COUNT and GROUP BY If you want to display a list of how many tutorials are written by each user, you can use COUNT and GROUP BY. For example, we have the Blogs table as follows:     SELECT operator_id, count(*) as count […]


Move large mysql database to new server

We all know the importance of a database in every system, in this article we ask you to back up, move database to another server. This will be easily handled if your db has a small number of records. And if the number of records is too large (a few million records or more) then exporting […]


Optimize your MySQL Database Performance

MySQL is a free database management system widely used in PHP. When creating tables in MySQL there are many types of Storage Engine to choose from. MyIsam & Innodb & Memory are three popular types. Choosing a store tool is extremely important before you design the database, helping to improve query performance. If the store engine […]