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CCleaner for Mac is a system cleaning software developed specifically for the Mac operating system, with the feature of cleaning junk files, temporary files, removing the registry, optimizing and speeding up the Mac system.

– Piriform has just released CCleaner 2.05 for Mac version with a series of notable features such as: Optimization for the latest MacOS, improved stability and software accessibility for the hearing impaired, color blind .. .

– The application will automatically scan, search and remove junk files as well as many other problems related to the computer’s hard drive or the web browser used in the system, optimizing flowers to help the machine run faster and smoother.

– In addition to the function to free up memory for the computer, CCleaner for Mac can also delete personal data such as clearing browsing history, cache on some popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera … Also helps scan the list of recently opened files in Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, VLC media Player and ask if you want to delete them?

– CCleaner is the leading Macbook cleaning tool. It protects your privacy and makes your Mac faster and safer!


CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac


Computers are faster
MacBook collects junk files. Find and remove these files with the click of a button so your Mac can run faster. Increase boot time with CCleaner’s smart startup program manager for Mac.

System runs smoother
Wipe out any clutter in your MacBook system. Empty recycle bin, temporary files and folders, broken permissions… Move installed programs with one click.

Surf the web safely
Advertisers and websites track users’ online behavior with cookies stored on their computers. CCleaner deletes search history, browser cookies so that users can not only surf the web comfortably but also stay anonymous.

Fully Customizable
CCleaner for Mac offers all the flexibility users need. Choose exactly what data you want to delete, include or exclude custom files or folders, choose whether cookies to keep or delete.


Instructions for using CCleaner for Mac

On the main interface, there will be 3 content cards corresponding to 3 separate functions as follows:


Features of CCleaner for Mac

Features of CCleaner for Mac


Cleaner tab:
In the Cleaner tab, there are 2 main items, MacOS X and Applications, to check how many junk files CCleaner will clean and free up how much memory, you can click the Analyze button, then click the Clean button to enforcement.

Tools tab:
There are 3 main buttons: Uninstall (remove software), Repair Permissions (repair corrupted files on the drive) and Erase Free Space (write meaningless data into the spaces to make sure they cannot be deleted). recovered from previous deletions).

Options tab:
This tag helps you to keep Cookies from the websites you have visited before by selecting the page name and clicking the right arrow button, if you don’t select this option, when cleaning, the program will delete it. All saved Cookies.

It can be said that CCleaner is one of the most effective system cleaning software, helping you to easily clean junk files, cache, browser history … return storage space, speed up the computer system Mac up significantly. So download CCleaner for Mac to experience it right away!


Download CCleaner for Mac  Version: 2.05. Size: 32.7 MB

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