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CCleaner Browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for Windows, a product from the famous software developer CCleaner.

What is CCleaner Browser?

Every CCleaner user wants good control of junk data, stay private, and high-speed browsing. That’s why the developer Piriform CCleaner has created a secure browser for you to comfortably surf the web, read newspapers, work, study and play every day.

The CCleaner Browser is just like any other web browser, but it’s faster and more secure.


CCleaner browser

CCleaner browser


Absolutely private
Block trackers and disguise network traces, so your identity is always anonymous.

Browse the web faster
Block annoying ads, provide a super-fast surfing experience.

Completely confidential
Enjoy watching movies, shopping and banking on CCleaner browser without worrying about malware, scams or hackers.


Main features of CCleaner Browser


Lightweight, 50% less memory usage
CCleaner Web Browser improves browsing performance and speed. Unused tabs automatically go to the background, reducing CPU and RAM usage by 50% compared to other browsers. You can adjust the settings in Performance Manager if you want.

Extend battery life for computers
Not only reducing CPU and RAM usage, CCleaner Browser also extends battery life by an estimated 20%.

Hide browser information to protect identity and user data
Websites and the Internet are getting smarter. Instead of just relying on cookies and IP addresses to identify you, they also use browser configurations to track users. New Anti-Fingerprinting 2.2 technology helps to hide browser information to protect your identity, user data and limit tracking of all your online activities.

Please download file and install, experience CCleaner browser.


Download CCleaner Browser  Version Size: 787 KB

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