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360 Total Security is antivirus and malware detection software that keeps your online activities safe. 360 Total Security brings you multiple system cleaning modes, finding and removing junk files and files suspected of containing viruses, giving you the best protection. You can download 360 Total Security for Windows and Mac at the link below.

360 Total Security was developed by China’s very famous Qihoo corporation, anti-virus software supports users to optimize, clean up the system, help the computer regain performance, and process faster. . Besides, with its professional anti-virus feature, 360 Total Security quickly detects and destroys viruses, spyware, and malicious software capable of infiltrating and stealing user data.


360 Total Security for Windows

360 Total Security for Windows


Antivirus software 360 Total Security has a warning mechanism for windows patches for users to choose to update, which greatly reduces the risk of hijacking by hackers, we found very little software. security support this problem, it can be seen that this is also a new and useful feature of 360 Total Security.

360 Total Security is most commonly used in China where the publisher of the product Qihoo is located. Currently 360 Total Security is also promoting to the global market.

360 Total Security supports your information protection mode in online transactions on the internet, protecting detailed information against threats such as hackers, scams… From there, banking transactions, your accounts, passwords to login forums, your bank will be protected in the safest way.


360 Total Security for Mac

360 Total Security for Mac


Main features of 360 Total Security

– Powerful anti-virus, trojan

With a library of hundreds of virus and trojan samples, 360 Total Security will update accurately, and display full information about threats, helping you to remove dangerous files promptly and safely. full

– Safeguard online transactions

360 Total Security protects online user information against internet threats, hackkers, spyware…

– Check and clean the computer

360 Total Security supports checking, cleaning the computer to help the computer achieve the highest performance, junk files, registry, plug-ins will be deleted and removed.

– Protect your computer and data with 360 Cloud Security

Updating the latest virus and trojan samples will ensure that your computer and data are protected in the safest way.


After download 360 Total Security software, you can run it.

1. 360 Total Security on Windows:

Step 1: Open the installer
Locate the installer file and double click to open

Step 2: Click “Install”
Select language and click “Install” to continue

Step 3: Run “Full Check”
Run your first “Full Check” after installation

2. 360 Total Security on Mac OS

Step 1: Locate and double click the downloaded .dmg file

Step 2: Drag 360 Total Security icon into Application

Step 3: Locate and double click 360 Total Security in Application


Download 360 Total Security for Windows

Download 360 Total Security for Mac


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