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AVG Antivirus Free is an anti-virus software for computers with a smart and convenient working mechanism that can prevent, detect and remove viruses, and block ads quickly and effectively. With the help of AVG Antivirus Free, your computer, web and email data will always be protected in a secure environment.

1. What is AVG Antivirus Free?


AVG Antivirus Free 2021 is a famous anti-virus software from the publisher AVG that has changed and added functions compared to AVG AntiVirus Free 2019, while integrating the most modern and advanced security technologies to provide the best protection for users. The most prominent features of AVG Antivirus Free are rich virus scanning mode, protection of online activities, email and secure firewall. Besides the Free version is AVG Antivirus Pro with more advanced features and better protection modes.


AVG Antivirus software

AVG Antivirus software


AVG Antivirus Free 2021 is a free but fully integrated antivirus software with even richer features than other paid tools, giving your system the functions of scanning and finding and killing many types of viruses. along with other malicious software. AVG Antivirus Free owns an intuitive working interface that makes it easy for beginners, the most prominent are probably different virus scanning modes for you to choose depending on your system condition, providing high efficiency. best protection. AVG Antivirus Free will perform a computer scan in the fastest time, detect and generate detailed virus scan data reports to users.

Not only with newly purchased computers, but even new computers that have reinstalled the operating system when downloading AVG to your computer, your computer will be maximally protected from dangers on the Internet. According to security experts, if you buy a new computer or reinstall the operating system, before you install any software or utility on your computer, you should install anti-virus software first, and anti-virus software. virus avg antivirus free is good choice for this.


2. New improvements of AVG Antivirus Free


2.1. AVG AntiVirus Free provides 2 different scanning modes

AVG provides 2 scanning modes: scan hard drives or scan by partitions and folders. Powerful scanning will identify even potential programs or have virus-like characteristics, comprehensive analysis to ensure the highest level of system safety. With download avg, viruses, spyware, malware, rookit… will no longer have a chance to exist and harm any data on your computer.

2.2. Add many new functions

Although AVG software is a free version, it has full anti-virus and anti-malware functionality, and it even helps protect your computer better than many other paid antivirus software. In addition to supporting free versions, AVG publisher also regularly offers “free licenses” of AVG virus browser, this is one of the wishes to bring safety and security to computers. user.


3. Download AVG Antivirus Free


Download AVG Free Antivirus for Windows:

AVG Free Antivirus for Windows


Download AVG Free Antivirus for MacOS:

AVG Free Antivirus for MacOS


Download AVG Free Antivirus for iOS

AVG Free Antivirus for iOS


Download AVG Free Antivirus for Android

AVG Free Antivirus for Android



4. Technical


Title: AVG AntiVirus FREE

Requirements: Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows XP,Windows 10,Windows Vista, MacOS, iOS, Android

Language: English

Available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese

License: Free

Date added: Wednesday, May 22nd 2019

Author: AVG Technologies.

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