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In order for your computer to easily type Japanese fonts, installing Japanese fonts for your computer or laptop is relatively simple, great and will be very helpful for you to see the full content. Japanese website and those wishing to learn to use Japanese on computers, laptops. We have listed the basic Japanese fonts you can download and use, and below is how to install it on Windows, please refer to it.



Steps to install Japanese fonts for the computer:

Step 1: First, please download the basic Japanese Font from the link above or the full version here.

Step 2: Find where to save the file after downloading and use Winrar, Winzip to extract the file.

Step 3: In the folder containing the extracted files, press Ctrl + A or use your mouse to select the fonts you want to install on your computer. Next right click to display a menu selection list, we choose install.

Step 4: One more way to install is, you can access the font folder on your computer. For example, Windows is usually the address C: \ Windows \ Fonts. We copy the Japanese Fonts we want to install here.

With just the simple steps above, your computer already has the Japanese fonts installed as you like, let’s open up and experience.


Download Japanese font Size: 10 MB

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