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Chinese is the second most difficult language in the world to learn, so for work, drafting and drawings that are expressed in Chinese while our language is limited then using Chinese fonts is a perfect solution. You still have the drawing, design like that with very simple operation.

You may not know (Sort the difficulty of languages in descending order):

– Arabic: Difficult because there are very few vowels, the writing style is also difficult to remember.

– Chinese: There are thousands of characters to remember, hieroglyphs are very diverse and rich.

– Korean: On average, learners will take up to 1.69 years (88 weeks) and 2,200 hours of study to become proficient.

– Japanese: Like Chinese, Kanji sets need to be practiced very hard, but can communicate in Japanese, with foreigners, we only need to memorize about 2,000 Chinese characters to be able to read through. Well written.

Font chinese softdownloadfree

Font Chinese


First you need to Download Chinese font full version here:

Download Chinese font


After download font to your computer, you need to extract it with the winrar or winzip tool as you like, copy the entire font into the Fonts folder at drive C in our Windows. Or right click -> Install Font. So we have successfully installed Chinese fonts on our computer.

China is a big country and the regional language is quite clear, so is the font. The Chinese font includes Cantonese fonts and includes a few other special characters.

Chinese font is compatible with many operating systems such as WinXP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 in addition to this font set can also be used for Mac and Linux operating systems.

Some of the main features of Chinese fonts are as follows:

– This font represents Chinese language only.

– There are some additional Cantonese fonts, Chinese characters.

– Can be easily installed and used on many different operating systems.

– Link download on with super fast speed.

– You do not have to pay any fees.

– Easy to use with editing, designing, printing programs.

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