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WinSCP is a software that supports storing and sharing data through the ability to upload files as well as download them to your computer quickly. The advantage of this software is that it works on many protocols, works with many formats, integrates absolute data management and security features along with editing and editing functions with online programming languages. continue on the server.


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New features of WinSCP:

With WinSCP, users can easily upload data to the server or download data from the server to their personal computer. The software uses internet protocols: SFTP, SCP for SSH-1 and SSH-2, and FTP protocol. In addition, WinSCP can transfer multiple data files at the same time with high speed, saving time and effort for users.

All your data uploaded to the server or downloaded from the server is absolutely secure thanks to the SSH function, the SCP method. Above all, WinSCP supports uploading data in all formats: images, sounds, data files, …

To transfer data between computers, WinSCP can use the drag and drop method built into Windows. In addition to the ability to transfer data to the server, WinSCP also allows users to edit and edit directly on the server with many programming languages: HTML, ASP, PHP, ASPX, …


Main features of WinSCP software:

– Transfer data files between computers quickly and efficiently.

WinSCP gives users the ability to transfer data files to the server over the internet safely and efficiently. The tool is especially useful in putting the website on the server after the design.

– Transfer data to the server via many internet protocols.

The software transmits data files over internet protocols: SFTP, SCP for SSH-1 and SSH-2 and FTP protocol. You can connect to multiple servers at the same time or multiple connections to the same server.

– Support to transfer data files on many formats.

The software supports the transmission of many different data formats such as: compressed files in ZIP, CAB, GZIP/TARBALL formats; all website data, image files, audio files, data files, … During the transmission process, the tool allows transmission on each file or all at the same time.

– Absolute data management and security features.

The software provides functions to manage uploaded files, especially to ensure absolute safety and security of these data files.

– Function of editing and editing with programming languages directly on the server.

The FTP software not only provides the function of transferring data files to different servers, but also allows users to edit and edit with programming languages such as: HTML, ASP, PHP, … directly on the server.


Download WinSCP for Windows:

Download WinSCP 5.19.5

Size: 11.3 MB

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